Toyota Century 5.0 V12

Please note: this car is only available during the spring and summer.

This car will be with us later this month (October 2019) and then all being well, registered with the DVLA and prepared for use.

We are importing a 5.0 V12 Toyota Century that has covered 119000 miles (speedo etc in KMS). Take a look at the youtube vids on these amazing machines that were only offered for the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). This was Japan's answer to the Rolls Royce and apparently makes must European luxury cars look like a child's attempt! Ours is finished in Grey with Lambswool upholstery. The V12 develops 290 bhp with an emphasis on relaxed cruising.

This car is also for sale. Please contact me if interested in purchasing it.

Make: Toyota
Model: Century V12
Age: 22
Listing created Jul 16, 2019