1988 Honda Ballade Ex (Rover 213)

A true British car with its webasco opening vinyl roof and with only 7 left of this Rover 200 lookalike built in the UK at Longbridge then transported to Swindon for quality control. Honda refinement in the 80's with power steering and central locking never ceases to amaze me. The Ballade was developed at the same time the Honda Vigor appeared, which was a higher content Honda Accord. In Japan, the Ballade was sold exclusively at Honda Verno dealerships alongside the Vigor, Prelude, CR-X, and Quint. In the UK it was launched at the same time as the very similar Triumph Acclaim with which it shared a Honda-built engine. (CAR IS LIKE THE ROVER ON KEEPING UP APPEARANCES - who can forget?) will update photo when help available. See my other Honda, Triumph Acclaim

Make: Honda
Model: Ballade
Age: 31
Listing created Feb 23, 2019