Hire a classic in London


Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.

A Morris Minor, Cortina or Mustang for the day?

Classic car hire London. Are you tired of boring modern cars? With existing hire companies your choice is dictated by fleet economics. You get the same car whether you’re going to a meeting, or going on an adventure. Would you choose a business hotel off the North Circular in which to spend your holiday? Of course not, so why drive the equivalent?

OldenCars offers London self drive classic car hire, giving you the chance to drive interesting cars without needing to own them. And when booking through OldenCars remember that you’re not driving a car owned by some mega-corp. The classics listed on OldenCars are owned by classics enthusiasts just like you who are happy for you to drive their cars.

Unlike more traditional classic car hire sites, we uniquely offer classics for self drive hire. We’re not into cars that are only offered with chauffeurs. We’re focused on the practical classics that you can get behind the wheel and drive yourself.

And unlike other classic car hire sites we also provide insurance from leading classics insurer, Lancaster Insurance, so you’re in excellent hands every step of the way.

We believe the journey should be as much a part of the leisure experience as the destination. With OldenCars’ self drive classic car hire you can treat yourself or a loved one with a unique experience. Perhaps you want to take your Dad out in the car he used to drive to work, or whisk your wife away in the car you drove when you were first courting? Whatever the journey we help you arrive in style and turn heads.

Looking for classic car hire near you? OldenCars offers a growing range of classic cars for London self drive classic hire. Simply enter your location to browse the range of cars on offer.

You can book your car per day, for a weekend or for a longer trip. So what are you waiting for? Visit London