Self drive classic car hire in Manchester


Drive the car you wish you’d never sold.

Classic car hire Manchester. Chocolate is overrated. Surprise someone with something different. A drive in a classic makes your trip to Manchester a special occasion that will leave you with memories to cherish. Imagine exploring this area so rich in art, culture and history in a car that matches the occasion.

Modern car rental is so boring - you aren’t even guaranteed to get the Toyota Yaris you requested. But with OldenCars you get the exact car you booked. So what would you choose? A Morris Minor? Fiat 500? Triumph Spitfire? Bentley? Let your imagination go wild at the options. You could even drive the car you wish you’d never sold.

We believe passionately that the journey should be as much a part of the leisure experience as the destination. So unlike more traditional classic car hire sites, OldenCars uniquely offers classics for self drive hire - the practical classics that should be driven. The classics listed on OldenCars are owned by classics enthusiasts just like you who are happy for you to drive their cars.

You’re well covered, too: we provide insurance from leading classics insurer, Lancaster Insurance, so you’re in excellent hands every step of the way.

Looking for classic car hire near you? OldenCars offers a growing range of classic cars for Manchester self drive classic hire. Simply enter your location to browse the range of cars on offer.

You can book your car per day, for a weekend or for a longer trip. So what are you waiting for? Visit Manchester